“Sensys Networks”

The Sensys Wireless Vehicle Detection System eliminates the need for in road Inductive Loop sensors.
A small in pavement wireless sensor detects all vehicular traffic and transmits the information constantly to an off road Repeater or Access Point for further processing. Ideal for Intersection Monitoring, Ramp Metering, Incident Detection, Traffic Counting and Classifying.

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No matter the speed we get them all.


“Houston Radar Traffic Detectors” 

Radar Traffic Detectors

The Houston Radar SpeedLane® Pro is state of the art true dual beam, low power side-fire radar.  It along with the Armadillo Tracker is designed to accurately detect lane, speed and class of individual vehicles and compute per lane volume, occupancy, gap, average speed, 85th percentile and headway parameters.

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“Piezo Axle & WIM Detectors”

BL Piezo sensors detect each and every axle of every vehicle.

The sensor is installed into the road surface then cabled back to the control cabinet.

Ideal for all Traffic Counting, Axle Classification and Weigh-In-Motion applications.

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“24/7 Off Grid Remote Renewable Power System 40\80 Watt” 

A robust reliable off grid power solution for critical applications

  • 24/7 availability at either 40W/80W
  • Communications via 2G/3G/4G or Zigbee
  • Saves on capital expenditure – no trenching required for cabling
  • Tilt up technology for easy installation
  • Fully tested & certified (CE/UL)
  • Includes leading edge PV, Battery Storage, Charge Controller and Communications technology
  • Operating in harsh environments
  • Deployed at some of the worlds leading technology companies

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“Mikros” High Speed


Using high-precision WIM strip sensors and “Mikros” RakTel Data Logger we can provide a highly accurate highway speed (up to 140 km/h) WIM Enforcement Screener or Data Collection system that records

  • Speed
  • Length
  • Axle Separation
  • Class/Type
  • Individual Axle Weights
  • Axle Group Weights
  • Total Vehicle GVM
  • Operate from DC Power Source
  • Remote communications capabilities
  • Triggers for cameras for over speed or over weight detection etc.

We can also supply Portable Slow Speed (up to 10 km/h) systems used as pre screeners or for general vehicle weighing applications, as per photo on right.